Lynch Canyon Open Space Park

Lynch Canyon Open Space Park, located at 3100 Lynch Rd, in Fairfield, CA 94534, is one of the most spectacular and majestic natural parks that you can visit in the entire country. Just one look at the beautiful open fields makes you realize how wonderful nature can be. Let’s take a look at all of the great things that you can see and do at Lynch Canyon Open Space Park.

Lynch Canyon Open Space Park comprises 10 huge miles of open land that is great for all kinds of outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and animal and bird watching. In fact, the hiking trail that Lynch Canyon provides is a moderately challenging one that rewards hikers with a beautiful trail lined with wildflowers, scenic views, and flowing creeks. The trail even includes a bike lane so that mountain bikers can also enjoy to natural wonders that Lynch Canyon has to offer.

One of the most amusing things about Lynch Canyon is that cattle actively graze on the fields that the hiking trail passes through. This means that hikers get to see and often times interact with the cattle. It is advised that you just walk around the cows, as they are still unfamiliar animals. However, it is rare that you get to be so close to these bovine friends outside of a farm setting. In addition to cows, you may also come across some of the wildlife that lives in the area, such as bobcats, deer, foxes, raptors, and plenty of birds.

The weather can be interesting in the valley as well. During the summer season, hot air and cold winds mix to cover the area in a moody fog. Spring months tend to be the best time to visit, with pleasant temperatures and beautiful verdant landscapes. The fall and winter can be decent for hiking, but some hikers report that the landscape does decline during those months.

The parking for Lynch Canyon does cost $6, and if it isn’t paid, you can expect a ticket when you return. There is also only one pit style bathroom in the parking lot, so do be prepared to use it and hope that you won’t have to go again on the trail. You should also be aware that the cows do leave behind droppings on the trail, so it may be wise to watch where you step as you take in the majestic scenery.

The park started life in 1844 as the “Rancho National Soscol”, trading hands many times until it was purchased by the Solano Land Trust in 1993. Since then, the site has become an important natural green-space buffer for the Solano county area.

The Lynch Canyon Open Space Park is open all year, Friday through Monday. Their hours are 9 am to 5 pm, so be sure that you get there as early as possible to have plenty of time to enjoy everything that this wonderful hiking trail and open space has to offer. Always make sure to check with the authorities to see if they are open since they do sometimes shut down for certain emergencies.

Getting to R&S Erection of Vallejo from Lynch Canyon Open Space Park, Fairfield

via I-80 W

  • Take McGary Rd to American Canyon Rd
  • Head southeast on Lynch Rd toward Middle Valley Trail
  • Turn right onto McGary Rd
  • Follow I-80 W and Redwood St to Couch St
  • Turn right onto American Canyon Rd
  • Turn left to merge onto I-80 W
  • Take exit 32 for Redwood St
  • Slight right onto Redwood St
  • Continue on Couch St. Drive to Mississippi St
  • Turn left onto Couch St
  • Turn left onto Mississippi St

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