Meadowlands Park

Meadowlands Park in sunny Vacaville, CA is one of the best parks to take the kids to in the great state of California. The park seems to have glowing reviews and carries a great reputation. With many facilities and plenty of space, the park is pretty impressive. Let’s take a look at what makes Meadowlands Park so nice, and why you should bring your kids to visit the top tier playgrounds it has here in Vacaville, CA.

Located at 6167 Vanden Road, Meadowlands Park is a neighborhood park that is easily accessible and is free of admission. Boasting 8 acres of land and facilities, Meadowlands Park is one of the most friendly parks in the area for both children and pets. Most of the park is centered around attractions for the two groups as well.

For the kids in your family, Meadowlands Park offers one of the biggest playground facilities in the area. Most reports from visitors indicate that the playground is comprised of relatively new looking equipment. Much of the park itself isn’t exactly new looking, but it also doesn’t look very old either. Some paint wear is on the equipment from lots of play, but no indicators of poor upkeep such as rust or loose fasteners. In fact, the park seems to be kept up very well.

Meadowlands Park is also rated as being a very safe park during the daytime for the kids to play at, with nary a creeper or suspicious individual in sight. Likewise, the facilities are clean and free of biohazards such as syringes or other garbage. Another thing to keep in mind when visiting the park is that they open at 5 AM and close at 6 PM, so make sure to plan your visit with that in mind.

The park also offers an after school center called TGIF (Thank Goodness It’s Fun) for kids in the area to take classes in practical skills while also playing games and socializing with each other in a fun and safe space.

For dog owners, the open fields are great off the leash fun for the pups. The park provides plenty of bags for owners to collect droppings, and maintains the supplies of them pretty well by most accounts. The grass in the open field is well kept and provides plenty of soft ground for the dogs to play as much as they want. However, the ground can get pretty muddy after a rain, so prepare to give the pooches a bath later on.

The park also has some sports facilities such as a basketball court. Restrooms are available and relatively clean. Eating areas exist in the form of picnic tables, perfect for having a family picnic on the weekend or just eating lunch with the kids. Be sure to bring plenty of water with you for the kids and dogs since there are no water fountains available, and there may not be vending machines either.

Overall, Meadowlands Park in Vacaville, CA is a wholesome and fun place close to home to take the kids and pets out to. Well maintained and free of hazards, you can be sure that your good day won’t be ruined by an inevitable accident like in other parks.

Getting to R&S Erection of Vallejo from Meadowlands Park, Vacaville

via Vanden Rd and I-80 W

  • Head south on Vanden Rd toward Bluebird Dr
  • Turn right to merge onto I-80 W toward San Francisco
  • Take exit 32 for Redwood St
  • Slight right onto Redwood St
  • Turn left onto Couch St
  • Turn left onto Mississippi St

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