Napa Valley Balloons

Located at 4086 Byway E., Napa, Ca 94558, Napa Valley Balloons offers an experience like no other.  Among the many things that beautiful Napa Valley is famous for, one of the most exciting and iconic things is balloon rides. Before the eighties, balloon rides weren’t especially common, but after entrepreneurs in California’s Napa Valley were captivated by the amazing sight of balloons flying over California’s famous wine yards, the image became inseparable from the area’s identity.

Soon companies would form of local pilots who would offer these amazing balloon rides to anyone who wants them. The business became a massive success, attracting thrill-seekers from all over the world who want to explore the amazing sights that Napa had to offer. Napa is famous for its beautiful fields, wine gardens, and cuisine, and those things undoubtedly made it an ideal location for balloon rides of the scenic area.

One man, Don Surplus, was a founder of one such balloon ride company in that area named Napa Valley Balloons. Don was an early and avid lover of balloons, and upon having his eyes opened to the experience that they can bring to people, he knew he had to share. He went on to start one of the largest balloon companies in the area, giving folks in the Napa Valley area balloon rides regularly for decades now.

Flying a balloon is no simple task, however, that’s why companies like the one Don ran are specially staffed with not only experienced, trained pilots, but the crew and chase teams who make sure that every flight is a safe one for its passengers.

Napa Valley Balloons uses only the most state of the art technology in hot air ballooning today. Likewise, all of their pilots are highly experienced and well trained in aviation and ballooning, meaning that you and your family are in safe hands when riding in one of their magnificent balloons. Their balloons are made in the United States and can hold anywhere from 16 to 20 people depending on the model they’re using that day.

You can book a flight with them at any time, as flights are held year-round, and at the low price of $239 per person. For that money, you get a 40 minute to 1-hour ride over Napa Valley, a post-flight breakfast and wine toast at Domaine Chandon, and if you arrive early, pre-flight coffee, tea, and breakfast pastries. They also offer a $2200 private flight that includes the same perks but allows for you and one other passenger to enjoy the scenery, making it perfect for proposals. The other main package they offer is a guided tour of the Napa Valley wineries and vineyards for $349 per guest.

For as long as the skies in Napa are blue, eager travelers will be coming to fly in these iconic aircraft that are now inseparable from the area. The views captured by the majestic balloons are popular for those who seek romance, thrills, and even just good memories they won’t forget.

Getting to R&S Erection of Vallejo from Napa Valley Balloons, Napa

via CA-29 S

  • Take Byway E to CA-29 S
  • Head southeast on Byway E toward Valencia St
  • Byway E turns left and becomes Wise Dr
  • Turn right onto Cask Way
  • Turn right onto Trower Ave
  • Follow CA-29 S to Couch St in Vallejo
  • Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto CA-29 S
  • Continue straight onto Sonoma Blvd
  • Drive to Mississippi St
  • Turn left onto Couch St
  • Turn right onto Mississippi St

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