8 Garage Makeover Ideas To Inspire A Garage Clean Up

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8 garage makeover ideas to inspire a garage clean up

Does your garage need a spring cleaning?

Garages tend to hold all sorts of odds and ends. Sometimes, they can look a little chaotic.

In a cluttered garage, anything can happen. Stuff gets lost, lawn tools will trip you, and bikes get knocked down. Plus, clutter makes cleaning difficult.

Don’t simply wash over the mess. Complete a garage makeover this spring!

8 Amazing Garage Makeover Ideas

Allow your garage to serve a higher purpose. Organize your garage and revamp this space with these awesome DIY garage makeover ideas!

Open New Doors

Start your garage makeover ideas from the outside in. Allow your garage door to make a statement about the style of your home.

Glass garage doors will stand out on the street and allow you extra light on the inside. This design saves save you a little space, compared to other garage door styles.

Faux wood carriage house doors allow durability. They will take you back in time, as they open out, rather than up, the way doors used to welcome carriages.

For a more contemporary look, choose a steel panel door for your garage. This will offer more durability than aluminum doors. It also provides better insulation to help you save on your energy bill!

Whichever style you choose, consider color to make it pop. Some people paint the door to blend with the rest of the house. But, you can use this as an opportunity to create a trendy accent on your home.

Look Up

Your garage can serve a number of purposes. Garage makeovers should expand your options. Using the ceiling space can help clear the area to do just this.

Install sturdy ceiling racks. Use them to seasonal equipment that normally clutters the floor.

You can also store your family’s bikes overhead. For this, install ceiling hooks that will latch to the wheels!

Overhead storage shelves work perfectly for storing odds and ends. Build them and use crates or storage bins with lids to keep decorations, costumes, and other items you do not need daily.

Upgrade Your Floor

The garage is an extension of your home. Make it look as such with your DIY garage makeovers. Get rid of that cold cement look and putting in something a little more stylish.

Painting your garage floor will give you a fresh look for less money and effort. Epoxy paint will allow you a stylish look while providing you an easier to clean surface. This design still leaves you with exposed concrete but allows you the opportunity to play with color and design to match your vision.

Another easy-installation option is roll-out vinyl garage flooring. Though this does not allow you much room to customize your design, it does protect the floor from chips and cracks. If you drop tools or heavy equipment and crack this type of flooring, you can easily cut out the section and lay more.

Using interlocking tiles for your floor allows you a little more room for creativity with borders and patterns. This type of flooring also creates a safer surface, as it prevents slips.

Section Your Wall Space

While the ceiling stores sometimes stuff well, you want the everyday items more accessible. Use your wall space wisely, so accessibility does not turn into clutter.

Stop doing this by throwing things wherever they seem to fit. Section out your walls to create a more organized space.

Put cleaning supplies in one area and sporting equipment together in another. You will no longer find yourself rummaging through the garage in search of things.

Use wire shelving for this. It will easily and inexpensively allow you to customize each section for what you will hang in that area.

Consider Cabinets For Your Garage Makeover

To avoid the space from appearing cluttered, you may want to consider getting a customizable cabinet system against one wall. If you own a ton of stuff, the ceiling and walls will only hold so much without becoming a mess.

You can pay a company to install them, but this may cost you thousands of dollars if you want something that looks stylish. Learn how to build your own wooden cabinets for a functional look you can customize.

Screen It

Everybody jokes about the Italian Americans who do summer dinners in their garage. But why not use this extra space for an indoor/outdoor experience?

Screens keep bugs and debris outdoors, while you enjoy the fresh air. They allow for summer brunches, holiday food buffets, a nighttime hangout on nice nights, and more.

You can choose from a variety of options.

Some styles, like magnetic screens, go up and down as needed. They do not cost much but require a little work every time you want to use them. Others, like lifestyle screens, go on the same track as your door to remotely open and close.

Fold Your Workspace

Garages make great workspaces. But a workbench might leave you parking outside. Installing a wall mounted, fold up workbench will allow you the extra space you need.

Collapsing the bench allows you ample workspace for your needs. Folding it back up an offer you hidden storage space for your tools, if you build it so that it folds up into a cabinet.

Fit In Your Fitness

Your garage can double as a work area and a workout space! Use the tips listed above to make a designated space for equipment storage.

Use a secure wall mount with an arm extension to hang your punching bag. As with your workbench, build fold out weight benches and design wall racks for free weight storage. You may want to consider using rubber interlocking tiles, for the safest flooring option.

To know your equipment options, understand how much space different activities require:

  • Treadmills: about 30 square feet
  • Free Weights: about 20-50 square feet
  • Yoga: 21 square feet
  • Heavy Bag: 8 feet x 8 feet

Some activities require up to 200 square foot of space. When setting up your workout area, keep this in mind. Leave yourself plenty of space so you can safely get in a good workout.

Make The Most Of Your Garage

All too often, garages turn into cluttered storage areas, leaving much of their potential in the dust. Do a garage makeover to make the most of this space!

Your garage can both store stuff and create extra space for other needs. Contact us to start your remodeling with a garage door that will set the style for this extension of your home.