Guide To Having An Eco-Friendly Garage Door

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guide to having an eco-friendly garage door

There are plenty of ways you can have an eco-friendly garage door. It starts with the types of materials you select for your door and its finish and continues via routine garage door maintenance that keeps it running safely and efficiently.

Your Step-By-Step To An Eco-Friendly Garage Door

Whether you’re building a new home using green building principles, or you’re interested in replacing an outdated door with an eco-friendly garage door, this guide will take you through the process.

Let your garage door installer know you want an eco-friendly garage door

This may seem like a given, but you’d be amazed how often we start to show people their options and answer all types of questions – only to learn they’re interested in a green or energy-efficient garage door. This is helpful to know right from the outset because it automatically streamlines the options your garage door installer will present, saving you time and energy.

Look for models made from recycled or sustainable materials

Garage door manufacturers understand that demand for more earth-friendly and sustainable garage doors is on the rise. As a result, certain models that are intentionally designed using recycled steel or other metal content. Keep your eye out for a SCS (Scientific Certification Systems) label, which means the door was made from a minimum of 88% recycled content and CFC-free materials in the insulation.

If you’re interested in a solid wood door, focus on garage doors that are made using wood that has been harvested sustainably. Most often, you’ll see some type of wording or logo showing the wood was certified by the FSC. This distinguishing mark ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

Invest in durability and longevity

The lowest-dollar bottom line is an understandable feature for those on a budget. The reality, however, is that you get what you pay for when paying for products you want to last for decades to come. One of the most eco-friendly features a garage door can offer is it’s high-quality materials, craftsmanship, durability, and longevity.

The fewer times you need to replace parts – or replace the door – throughout your home’s lifetime the less demand there is for materials production and the less we clog up the landfills with inferior products.

Purchase doors from:

  • Manufacturers who have a solid reputation in the industry
  • Made from durable, high-quality materials (your garage door installer can discuss the difference in products/materials with you
  • Companies that offer decent warranties

Look for insulation and weather-proofing properties in your eco-friendly garage door

If your garage is attached to your home, it’s worthwhile to purchase a door that is insulated and weatherproofed via weather-stripping/sealing options. The more insulated and weatherproof your garage is, the more insulated and weatherproofed your home is.

Homeowners who install insulated and weatherproofed garage doors – and maintain them well from year-to-year notice a decrease in heating/cooling costs, and improved whole-home comfort because the house maintains more consistent draft-free temperatures.

If you purchase a garage door with window inserts – or you add windows to your existing garage door – you want to verify their efficiency as well. Also, make sure windows are caulked/sealed well – and inspect them each year before and after storm season, re-sealing whenever necessary.

Learn more about specific manufacturers and their practices

Up to this point, we’ve discussed the tenets that make an eco-friendly garage door once it’s arrived and installed in your home. However, a truly eco-friendly garage door is made sustainably from start to finish, including its manufacturer’s business practices and production methods.

For example, you want to order a garage door from a company that:

  • Prioritizes sustainable practices in terms of product sourcing, energy-efficient production, and less-consumptive transport/shipping methods
  • Is conscious of the materials they consume and works to minimize waste and unusable scrap materials whenever possible.
  • Offers FSC- and SCS-certified products
  • Eliminates unnecessary packaging and/or focuses on biodegradable or recyclable packaging materials

Currently, industry leaders in eco-friendly garage door products and production methods include Clopay, Ankmar, Amarr, Martin Doors, Overhead Doors, and Wayne-Dalton. Your garage door pro may have other recommendations or know of locally-based, custom garage door companies or builders in your area.

Extending The Life Of Your Garage Door Is Important

Extending the life of your eco-friendly garage door – or your regular, came-with-the-house door is one of the most sustainable practices of all. What good is the world’s most sustainable garage door if lack-of-maintenance sends it to an early landfill grave? Plus, the same steps required to maintain your garage door also help to keep things safe.

The following tips extend the life of any garage door:

  • Schedule professional inspection and maintenance on an annual basis (or as per your door manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Wash your garage door inside and out once a year to reduce dirt, grime, and other debris that contribute corrosion or part malfunction
  • Keep metal springs and hinges lubricated
  • Keep laser sensors clean, free of cobwebs and other debris so the door can open/close efficiently

When homeowners perform routine inspections and maintenance, they enjoy a garage door that lasts a lifetime – and that’s about as eco-friendly as it gets.

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