6 Common Garage Door Problems

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6 common garage door problems

If your garage door won’t open, won’t close, or is not operating safely, several components could be the cause. You can fix some issues, like an unplugged component or dead batteries, while others are more complex. Don’t risk damage to your garage door, personal injury, or voiding the warranty of your garage door by trying to fix something if you don’t have experience with garage door repair.

 A professional garage door repair technician can solve common garage door opener problems. R&S Erection of Vallejo, Inc., the garage door repair professionals in Vacaville, are ready to help you with repairs, maintenance, or an upgrade to a newer garage door opener.

The Most Common Garage Door Problems

Before you call us to schedule service, note how your garage door behaves. The technician will use your description of the problem and their garage door inspection to root out the problem and develop a repair plan.

A faulty motor

The most straightforward problem with the motor is that someone has unplugged it. Another possibility is that it has burned out. It could also fail to move the garage door if the gears wore out or the motor disengages from the door.

If the motor runs without moving the door, your garage door repair technician might have to replace it or reattach it to the motor’s drive system.

If the motor is faulty, it might have an electrical issue. If your home electrical grid powers your garage door, check your electrical panel to determine whether the motor tripped the circuit breaker. 

Do not try to fix the electrical system yourself if you lack extensive training in electrical work. If the motor tripped the circuit breaker, call a professional electrician or garage door maintenance technician.

Faulty remote control or keypad

If you suspect there might be a problem with the remote control or keypad, the first solution you can try is checking that the door is locked. Many homeowners don’t notice the lock feature on the control and occasionally lock the garage door by accident. Press the lock button and try again.

A remote or keypad that needs batteries is one of the most common garage door opener problems. If you have trouble getting your garage door to open remotely, check the battery in both the keypad and the remote control. If the keypad normally lights up or the remote usually beeps or flashes, a dead battery would cause those features to stop working.

Broken springs

Many garage doors rely on torsion springs to support and balance the door so the motor can lift it. If the torsion springs break, the motor will not be able to lift the door. The garage door will remain in the down position when you try to raise it using the controls. 

You can open the door by hand if the torsion spring breaks, but it will be heavy and dangerous. Do not try to lift the door if the torsion spring breaks. Without the support of the torsion springs, the door is prone to fall.

Some garage doors have side-mounted garage door springs. They run alongside the tracks on the left and support the garage door. If they are broken or out of alignment, the garage door might not run smoothly.

Damaged safety sensors

Some common garage door opener problems arise because safety sensors detect a genuine maintenance issue, such as a short circuit. Safety sensors trigger sometimes even if the garage door opener works well. For example, your garage door might fail to open or close properly if the safety features detect an obstruction, even if there isn’t one.

The photo eye sensor system sends a beam of light across the width of the garage door opening. If anything crosses the beam’s path, the light will not reach the detector. Typically, this would indicate an obstruction, so the garage door will not close. 

However, dirt on the safety sensors, a failure of the light, or a faulty sensor could prevent the photo eye sensor from sending the signal that allows the door to close.

A broken track or faulty rollers

If the door opens slowly or fails to open, something might be blocking the track, or the track might be out of shape. If you suspect a problem with the track, examine it for bent or corroded rails.

Bad rollers could cause problems with the garage door track, and sometimes they can be a bit stiff during the winter. If the rollers are sticky, broken, or dirty, they might fail to roll when you try to lower the garage door. If the track is not visibly damaged and the rollers stick, try oiling them and see if it improves the motion of the garage door.

Incorrect switch settings

A garage door that closes too quickly or forcefully presents a safety hazard. If the close-force setting of the garage door opener needs adjustment, the garage door might reverse without warning. 

Other switches, such as the close-limit and up-limit switches, control the behavior of the garage door opener. Your technician can recalibrate the sensors to that your garage door will work normally again.

Let Us Help Keep Your Garage Door Working Smoothly

Is your garage remote not working? Garage door issues can be a pain, but a qualified and efficient garage door repair technician can fix common garage door opener problems. Even if the issue with your garage door opener is uncommon or complex, we can handle it.

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