Can You Install A New Garage Door On Old Garage Door Tracks?

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can you install a new garage door on old garage door tracks

One of the decisions you’ll have to make when you need to replace your garage door is whether to mount the new garage door on the old tracks. For many homeowners, retaining the tracks on their garage doors seems like an excellent way to save money during a garage door replacement project. Or is it?

Wondering if you can install a new garage door on old garage door tracks? You can, technically. However, as Vallejo’s residential garage doors expert, we can tell you right away that you shouldn’t. In this post, we’ll cover the top reasons why you should only install new garage doors on new tracks.

What Are Garage Door Tracks?

Also known as a roller assembly, garage door tracks refer to the systems that interact with the rollers on your garage door as it slides up and down.

You’ll find garage door tracks suspended from the ceiling of your garage. These galvanized steel components have enough strength to hold the weight of your garage door.

However, if the tracks are not working correctly, they can damage your garage door.

Why A New Garage Door On Old Garage Door Tracks Is A Bad Idea

Continue reading to learn a few reasons why you shouldn’t install a new garage door on old tracks:

Tracks are for specific garage doors

In the garage door industry, manufacturers design the default pre-sets on the garage door to work with a specific track. They connect the tracks using a special rivet intended to open and close at a certain distance from the side post.

The operator size and headroom requirements for the garage door can also make using the tracks impractical if you try to match a track from one brand to a garage door from another brand.

Even if you can adjust the tracks during the garage door installation project, you always risk misalignment, as you’ll end up with an improperly spaced door. When the tracks misalign, your garage door will sustain some damage every time you open it. After a while, it will stop opening.

Can you install a new garage door on old tracks from another manufacturer? Yes, but the arrangement won’t work for long. You’ll lose the garage door tracks, the new garage door, or both. It doesn’t matter if you install an electric garage door opener on the new door or a manual one.

Make the right cost-effective decision to install new tracks during a fresh garage door installation project.

Old garage door tracks are a huge safety risk for your family

When considering garage door replacement, you also need to replace your tracks. The tracks warp, bend, and rust over time, making any new door you mount on it a significant safety risk.

All parts of the door can become a safety threat in this scenario, including the bottom section.

Thus, you should replace old tracks to avoid accidents.

Worn-out garage door tracks will cause property damage

If you try to reuse bent, rusted, or warped garage door tracks, your new garage door system may suddenly slide off from the hinges one day.

Apart from damage to the new door itself, you may be left with a broken floor and wall or a severely damaged car. If you’ve ever seen a garage door fall on a vehicle, you’ll be more reluctant to take this risk.

The expenses will be far greater than what you spent just replacing the garage door tracks in the first place.

New garage door tracks prevent wear and noise

The tracks and rollers on garage doors work together. If one suddenly turns bad, it will affect the other quickly.

If you use old rusty tracks, your new garage door’s rollers will wear out quickly. Moving your garage door will also become noisy, even from day one.

Why would you install a new garage door only to face the same problems that made you ditch the old garage door?

Old garage door tracks can make your springs work harder

Any garage installation expert will tell you that an old track greatly affects your garage door springs. The old tracks distort the balance of your door, making it harder for it to stay in an open position, and over time, you’ll end up with a broken spring.

Old tracks can ruin curb appeal

Combining rusty tracks with a new door will ruin the overall curb appeal. Think of it like a splash of mud over newly painted walls. In the case of the mud, though, it’s easier to wash it off and repaint the spot with any leftover paint.

With the tracks, you’ll have to bring down the door and go through the hassle of installing it all over again. If you paid an installer for the job before, you’d have to pay again. That means paying twice for the same service when you could have just paid once!

So, can you install a new garage door on old tracks with all the above information? We’ll leave the answer to you.

However, if you want to replace your garage door, you should go all out to protect your investment. Trying to save a few bucks by reusing the old garage door tracks is a bad idea. If you want maximum performance from your system, the only parts you should reuse include standalone units like the garage door opener.

Expert Garage Door Replacement Service In Vallejo, CA

Replacing tracks or garage doors is not a DIY task for the inexperienced. Consider the many reasons to hire a pro for your garage door installation, but perhaps the most important is that they will help you avoid decisions like reusing old tracks.

An expert will help you see how reusing tracks on new doors put you at a disadvantage instead of saving you money.

Is it time to replace your old tracks or garage door? Don’t jeopardize your family’s safety. Call R&S Erection of Vallejo, CA, today at (707) 644 5537 to find the perfect door and a matching track for your home. You can trust us for regular maintenance, repairs, and new installation.