Does A New Garage Door Increase Your Home’s Value?

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Savvy homeowners don’t do maintenance for the sake of it. They prioritize maintenance work that will add value to their home. Is a new garage door one such maintenance project? Does a new garage door increase home value?

As Vallejo’s residential garage door experts, we can tell you that the answer to that question is a resounding yes; we see how garage doors change homes across the city every day.

How A New Garage Door Can Increase Your Home’s Value?

A new garage door can increase your home’s value by improving its curb appeal and making it more attractive to prospective buyers.

How much value can a new garage door add?

Research data supports the evidence that garage doors can greatly increase a home’s value. One of the most widely quoted reports is the Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling magazine following a survey by an independent research firm. It found that replacing the garage door netted a 98% return on investment for homeowners across the country, making it the most beneficial among the top 20 mid and upscale remodeling projects. Thus, changing your garage door can help your home’s resale value to go up more compared to paying for a minor kitchen remodel or wood deck additions.

How much value will a garage door add to your home? It depends on how much investment you put into the project. The only consistent fact is that you can expect your home’s listing price to increase by up to 98% of the cost of the new door. So, newer garage doors with all the whistles and bells will invariably add more value to your home than plain doors.

Why New Garage Doors Increase The Value Of Homes

A garage door upgrade has an outsized impact on a home’s value for the following reasons.

Improved curb appeal

A garage door takes up a significant chunk of your home’s exterior. It has earned the name “second front door” for good reasons. Thus, a good-looking, high-quality second front door will instantly elevate the home’s curb appeal. This is especially true when you choose a garage door that matches the home’s architectural style.

Better energy efficiency

New garage doors are generally more energy efficient than older ones. Many of them feature weatherstripping and high thermal resistance (R-value).

An insulated garage door keeps conditioned air inside. Thus, it can have a significant impact on your heating and cooling costs. It can also keep out noise.

Improved safety and security

A garage door with features that help keep the family safe is highly valuable to potential homeowners. Some safety features you can find on modern garage doors include rotating security codes that change with every use, obstruction sensors, and more.

These safety features are more important for homeowners that will likely use the door as a primary entrance.

Reduction in maintenance costs

An old garage door that’s creaky when opening it is a concern that needs addressing. A new door is one less maintenance cost for the potential homeowner to worry about. Thus, a new garage door can make potential buyers more open to seeing the rest of the property.

What Are The Alternatives To Garage Door Replacement?

Seeing how a garage door helps sell a home, it’s natural to weigh your options for replacing your garage door.

However, garage door replacement is costly. Thus, it may be best to explore other ways to transform your current door and save money on a replacement. Here are a few things you can do:

Painting your existing garage door can increase your home’s value

Panting your garage door in a new color that matches the home’s exterior is one of the best home improvement projects you can undertake if you want to make your property more attractive. Similarly, don’t ignore the attached garage door if you’re already repainting your home’s exterior.

Lubricate the moving parts

All the components that help move garage doors can get noisy over time. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to lubricate older garage doors if you’re about to put the property on the market. A prospective buyer will likely love a door that opens seamlessly, especially if it doesn’t look physically worn.

Replace the garage door springs and rollers

Lubrication can only do so much if the garage door springs and rollers are already shot. If opening your door is more difficult than it should be, it’s probably time to replace the springs and rollers.

Install an electric garage door opener

You can deck out your existing door with an electric opener to give it a modern touch. Most potential buyers will appreciate it. Similarly, you can add automatic reverse systems, decorative hardware, and security features that can give the old door a more modern feel.

Install a new garage door skin

Garage door skins can give your door a newer outer shell. With the skins, you hide peeling paint on an aluminum door with a faux wood shell. You can find these for all garage door styles but single-door skins are the most affordable.

Add more insulation to the current garage door

Insulated garage doors add value to your home because solid insulation means less drain on the home’s HVAC system.

Important Tips To Keep In Mind When Replacing Your Garage Door

A garage door adds value to a property, but installing a new one is a home improvement project that requires serious consideration. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Choose a door that matches your home’s façade. A steel door won’t look great on rustic architecture. Always go with options that match your home’s style.

Don’t ignore practicality. Remember, you will use the door frequently.

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Does a new garage door increase home value? Yes, but only high-quality, energy-efficient garage doors that are a perfect fit.

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