What To Know About Energy-Efficient Garage Doors

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what to know about energy-efficient garage doors

If you’re constantly looking for ways to lower the energy costs to heat or cool your house, you may have wondered about investing in energy-efficient garage doors.

An energy-efficient garage door can help you and your family achieve a comfortable temperature, but you might wonder if installing new residential garage doors in Vallejo, CA, and surrounding areas, is worth the trouble.

This blog explores the benefits of new energy-efficient garage doors and what types to install.

The Top Reasons Why Homeowners Decide to Install an Energy-Efficient Garage Door

For house owners thinking about installing new energy-efficient garage doors, here are four reasons why it’s a good idea.

You Want to Keep Your Vehicle Warm

A Vallejo, CA, winter can get chilly, and stepping into a cold car can be frustrating, especially if you’re commuting to the office every day. A well-insulated garage can eliminate the need to warm your car in the morning, letting you catch up on more sleep.

Winter temperatures can also lead to thick motor oil and stressed-out car parts. Both issues can prevent your car from starting and reduce its lifespan.

You Spend a Lot of Time in Your Garage

Many house owners treat their garage as another room versus just a place for storage. Whether you use your garage for projects or to hang out with friends, a new garage door that’s insulated can make this area more comfortable during winter or that summer heat.

There’s a Living Space Sitting Above Your Garage

Cold air leakage rises up from your garage’s floor, eventually making its way into any spaces above. If you have difficulty keeping a space above your garage comfortable, it might be time to invest in energy-efficient garage doors.

You Want to Lower Your Energy Bills

An attached garage can be a significant factor influencing your energy bills. Garage insulation and new residential garage doors can lower those monthly utility costs and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

You Want to Enhance Curb Appeal

Many garage door manufacturers today prioritize providing an energy-efficient garage door. If your garage doors are already outdated, opt for energy-efficient building materials.

How Can You Determine an Insulated Garage Door’s Energy Efficiency?

Better insulation means less monthly energy loss, and for determining an energy-efficient garage door, two main values exist:

R-value: R-value determines a garage door’s insulation ability to prevent any heat loss.

U-value: Unlike the R-value, U-values determine an entire door assembly set’s ability to prevent heat loss.

Both the U-values and R-values can help determine an insulated garage door’s thermal efficiency. While U-values are typically more precise, most manufacturers use an R-value rating.

Essentially, a higher R-value means more energy-efficient garage doors. Meanwhile, a lower U-value means more energy-efficient garage doors.

Another factor when determining if a garage door is energy-efficient is to determine its leakiness. You want an entire system with adequate perimeter seals, which can prevent air infiltration and keep out dirt, debris, and dust.

What Are the Best Energy-Efficient Garage Door to Install?

For your professional installation, you can choose between single-, double-, or triple-layer doors. Of course, a single-layer garage door provides the least benefits, while a triple-layered door — using polyurethane insulation —provides the best insulation advantages.

Double-layer doors utilize polystyrene insulation that, while providing excellent R-values, can’t compete with polyurethane foam. However, you don’t necessarily need an insulated or with the highest R-value.

Factors like the insulation of your garage walls and your area’s climate can help determine whether you need a double or triple-layered garage door. The type of material you use to install your garage door can also play a factor.

The common materials homeowners use for their overhead insulated doors include:

  • Steel
  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum
  • Wood

While materials like steel, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum are sturdy, they actually don’t provide natural insulation like wood does. Most experts still recommend overlaying a wood garage door with steel to prevent warping and rotting from excess moisture.

Besides a warmer garage, a well-insulated steel or vinyl door also means quieter operation versus a non-insulated door.

How Will My Insulated Overhead Door Construction Look?

Contractors can install your thermal efficiency garage door to match the style of your home. These doors can also feature the same thickness as their materials.

What Are Some Signs That I Need a New Garage Door?

You may have no problems with your garage door openers but have been noticing noisy operations, or your utility bills continue rising. Poor indoor air quality can be another sign that you need better insulation.

Rising utility costs can stem from various issues, but the right team can inspect your garage door to determine if it’s causing any energy loss. Operations like weather stripping or adding low emissivity coatings to your door’s windows can be enough.

Other times, it’s better to replace your wood or steel garage door with updated technology that has features like a thermal break.

How Long Do Insulated Garage Doors Last?

How long your garage door and its insulation lasts will depend on factors like:

  • Your door’s material, such as steel, vinyl, or wood
  • Your area’s climate
  • How much you use your garage doors
  • Whether or not you regularly maintain and clean your garage doors

Generally, you can expect your energy-efficient garage door to last as long or longer than traditional garage doors.

Are Energy-Efficient Garage Doors Expensive?

It costs more to install energy-efficient garage doors for your space than uninsulated ones. However, homeowners quickly save money in the long run after this initial investment. Besides reducing utility bills, your garage doors can also last longer.

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