Garage Door Panel Replacement Or Repair: Factors To Consider

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garage door panel replacement or repair factors to consider

Accidents can happen, causing damage to one or more of your garage door panels. When this occurs, you need to repair the damaged panels of your whole garage door as soon as possible. Besides offering less efficiency and security, a damaged garage door panel can lower curb appeal.

Many homeowners wonder if they should repair or replace whole garage door sections. To save money, many homeowners prefer repairing garage doors and their panels. However, sometimes replacing panels provides a more cost-effective option over trying to repair them.

This guide will explore when you can repair a garage door panel and when it’s better to replace one. For top-notch assistance, request help from our garage door repair specialists.

Two Main Factors Determine Whether You Should Repair or Replace Your Garage Door Panels

Whether you should repair or replace your garage door panel depends on several factors, including cost. Depending on the materials, replacing garage door panels can become expensive.

Furthermore, the materials can determine whether repairs are enough or if you should start shopping for a new panel. For example, peeling paint and cracking wood usually means you need a garage door panel replacement.

The two main factors that influence if you need new panels to include:

  • The age of the garage door panel
  • The extent of its damage

How old is your garage door?

With suitable materials and professional installation, garage doors can last a long time. However, even the most durable garage doors with regular maintenance start to wear and tear.

If your garage door is over 20 years old, you might consider searching for replacement panels. In fact, in this situation, you might be better off replacing your entire garage door.

Deciding to install a whole new garage door can be an unpleasant thought. However, you’ll discover more garage door panel breaks as time passes. Additionally, the entire garage door may become unable to function correctly.

If the entire door panel is ten years or younger, you probably can get away with repairing the panel. At the very least, you may only need to replace the damaged panel instead of the whole door.

The extent of your garage door panel damage

The exact damage to a garage door panel also has a vast impact. You can quickly repair damage caused by light brushes with debris or impacts. In fact, the project may only call for a coat of paint and some filler.

However, it can cost far less to replace doors following extensive damage. Homeowners often need to replace garage door panels after the following scenarios:

  • A severe weather event like a storm left considerable dents in your garage door panel
  • You accidentally backed your car into the garage, or someone accidentally drove into the garage door
  • Heavy objects or debris hit your garage doors, resulting in massive dents or holes

When these situations arise, the first thing you should do is investigate the extent of the damage to your garage door and its panels. While it can cost less to replace the panels initially, substantial damage can render them non-functional.

Particular opening and closing mechanisms or other parts might be broken, including sensors, torsion springs, and hinges. Depending upon costs, these will either need to be repaired or replaced.

Other Considerations Affecting Your Garage Door Replacement Panels

Let’s explore some other considerations when installing or replacing your garage door panel:

Making sure the doors and panels match

Once you’ve decided to repair or replace your garage door panel, you’ll need to know its manufacturer. Your professional repair company can see if your garage door’s producer has spare parts. Sometimes a service can provide an exact match for your garage door panel.

One issue you may notice is a specific panel being out of style. While this happens the most with older garage doors, even panels within the last decade can go out of style. When this happens, you might need help finding the right replacement match.

This can prompt some to replace their entire garage door. However, it’s possible to save money with an easy fix. You or a professional can paint over the new garage door panel, matching your existing garage doors.

Knowing the costs of different garage doors

Sometimes, a garage door repair simply won’t get the job done. You might want to replace your garage doors with a replica of what you had before. However, this can be an excellent opportunity to explore other options.

The cost of a garage door can vary, with many factors influencing its price. These factors can include the following:

  • The materials
  • The size of the garage door
  • The team you hire
  • If the garage door is customized (such as using a particular type of wood)
  • How the door fits with your garage and house aesthetics
  • Its operating and safety features

You need to consider a garage door’s cost in the long run. For example, while wooden garage door panels cost less to install than steel, they become more susceptible to damage and cost more to replace.

Knowing how many door panels you need to replace

A garage door repair job can involve multiple panels. In fact, a specialist can fix or replace several panels at once.

However, when you need to replace more than one panel, this usually indicates it’s time to replace your entire garage door. First, of course, compare prices to see which option is cheaper.

Deciding if you can repair or replace your panels yourself

For minor scuffs, you might have no problems repairing the panel yourself. However, when it comes to severe dents or needing to replace panels, contact a professional to prevent:

  • Wasted time
  • Wasted money
  • Further damage and plenty of frustration

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