How To Seal The Uneven Gap At The Bottom Of Your Garage Door

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Are you dealing with an uneven gap at the bottom of your garage door and unsure what to do?

A poor installation process of your garage door or concrete flooring could cause gaps. From cracks over time to a worn weatherstrip, several reasons can contribute to your garage door’s uneven gap. Fortunately, though, you have several solutions to resolve this common issue.

What To Do With The Uneven Gap At The Bottom Of Your Garage Door

In this guide, we’ll explore several helpful solutions, such as installing a new threshold or weatherstrip seal and fixing your garage flooring’s uneven surface. Keep reading to learn more, then contact R&S Erection of Vallejo, Inc. to explore your options for Vallejo’s residential garage doors.

Solutions For The Uneven Gap At The Bottom Of Your Garage Door

Garage doors need regular maintenance to stay in top condition. Addressing a gap at the bottom of your garage door provides one major way to avoid future problems and damage to your home.

Below we list five essential tips for resolving the gap and enjoying a safe and secure garage door:

Replace or upgrade your garage door weatherstripping

Bottom weatherstripping offers a great way to resolve an uneven gap, and the type you choose often depends on your garage door model. The bottom weatherstrip should help any water that gets into the garage drain through an outward slope. It helps keep cold temperatures and water out and protects your garage.

If your bottom weatherstrip is old, worn, and unable to protect the floor, working with a garage door specialist could make replacement easier. They can also recommend which bottom weatherstripping works best for your type of garage door and the condition of your flooring.

U-shaped weatherstrips typically provide a universal fit for most floors and doors. Remember to make lubricating your weatherstripping part of your garage door maintenance routine once in the fall season and once in the spring.

Using one that works well with PVC parts will make the weatherstrip more durable and last longer.

Check and upgrade your garage floor

The condition of your garage’s concrete floor can impact the gap in the door.

You might have hairline cracks that seem barely noticeable or have larger slopes. When the contractors mixed the concrete before installation, some parts of the mixture could have hardened before others, leading to uneven surfaces. A floor could also have cracks from the foundation settling.

Either way, an uneven floor can cause water to pool and damage your garage. You can fix concrete cracks or cold joints with epoxy, tiles, paint, or a roll-out mat. A stable floor with an outward slope can help avoid gaps in the door.

Increase the depth of your weather seal

When it’s time to successfully replace the bottom weatherstrip, you might need to increase its depth. Deeper bottom weatherstripping can add the extra space necessary to seal gaps from the door to the floor.

While you can keep some cold air out with 2-to-3-inch bottom weatherstripping, 3.5 inches or more can help truly resolve the troublesome uneven gap at the bottom of your garage door. If you don’t know which product to add to your garage door, don’t hesitate to ask a trusted professional in your area.

Add a threshold seal to your garage floor

A garage door threshold works perfectly alongside garage door seal strips to prevent gaps. The flexible rubber makes installing a garage door threshold quick and easy. Having this seal can make a big difference for your door, and you only need to cut it to the appropriate size and glue it to a chosen surface.

Make adjustments to your garage door opener

Ensuring garage doors have no uneven gaps involves a final test with an automatic opener. The weatherstrip seal must touch the floor without becoming damaged. Remember to check your system’s adjustment settings to see how you can safely open and close the door with these new changes.

Being able to put your fingers through the even gap indicates everything is going smoothly, and your area is in top condition.

If the Safety Reversal System and Protector System work properly, you know you successfully resolved the issue, and your opener works without an issue. You can always contact your local team at R&S Erection of Vallejo, Inc. if you still have trouble and don’t know what to do next.

Why Neglecting The Gap At The Bottom Of Your Garage Door Is Harmful

You might not think a minor gap in your garage door is a big deal but think again! It only takes a small opening for unwanted pests, cold winds, melted snow, and bad weather to get inside your home and wreak havoc. You also could have a higher-than-normal electricity bill that causes you to shell out more money.

Instead of keeping warm air inside during the winter, you’ll bring more of the cold in and send valuable warmth outside. Resolving a garage door’s gaps is easier with the help of trusted door experts.

You can try popular retail products to fix the gap or contact your favorite Vallejo team of professionals. Regardless, you’ll save time and money in the long run and can use and organize your garage without worrying about damage from the outdoors.

Experience A Beautiful New Garage Door Today

We hope you now understand five effective ways to address the uneven gap at the bottom of a garage door and can apply these measures to your own property. If you’d like the guidance and support of a professional garage door specialist, R&S Erection of Vallejo, Inc. can assist you in Vallejo, CA. We can help you find the best seals for your garage door and encourage you to avoid DIY garage door repair or install a new system if it’s finally time.

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