Should My Front Door And Garage Door Match?

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should my front door and garage door match

Have you considered having a matching front and garage door? It’s a great way to increase a home’s curb appeal and showcase a flawless exterior style. Both garage and entry doors are some of the first features people look at in your home, so why not have them match?

Consider Vallejo’s residential garage doors, as we carry many garage door styles that work perfectly with your front door. Change the appearance of your house by implementing this smart and stylish exterior design technique. Contact us today to choose a garage door!

Tips For Matching Your Front Door and Garage Door

Many homeowners strive to make their garage doors match their front entry doors. While you have endless possibilities for door styles, you can follow our helpful tips to have a matching front door and garage door.

Make your garage and front entry door the same materials

If you use wood for your entry door, it is a good idea to also use it for your garage door. Keeping the materials the same (such as steel or decorative glass) are excellent ways to create cohesiveness. Your front and garage doors should look like they belong together.

Your home’s exterior can reflect your style when you choose the right materials. You can add creativity and beauty to your entry and garage doors with steel, wood, or frosted glass options.

Use different yet similar materials

You don’t have to match materials to make your front and garage doors look good. However, pairing materials that work well together is essential. For example, if you have glass panes in your entry door, it might not make sense to use faux wood for your garage door.

Find different materials that match and work well with the rest of your house, such as the siding and windows. They shouldn’t clash with your home’s exterior colors and style (modern, farmhouse, etc.). You can save money by purchasing an energy-saving entry door that looks good and minimizes energy losses, pairing it with a similar style garage door.

Compliment your home’s style with your doors

When you match your doors, they should maintain the same style as the rest of your exterior. Do you have a contemporary-style home with a large center window that lets in natural light? You might benefit from a contemporary garage door and front door!

Consider how your surroundings impact your color choices, such as your landscape, location, and decor. Many homeowners want their garage and entry doors’ paint colors to converse with the trim.

Another way you can boost curb appeal is by including a similarly shaped window style. Your new garage door and entry door should pull you in and look intentional.

Consider the color scheme & tones

You can use contrasting color choices for your garage and entry door so long as they fit. However, you don’t want parts of your exterior to seem like they’re from different eras. Be wary of clashing colors and search for hues that operate in harmony with one another.

Deciding on a bold color might be a superb choice for your doors, but make sure they don’t appear awkward against your home’s facade and trim. Once you have painted your garage door and entry door, you can always change them later, but it might be more difficult. Paint can make a big impact on whether or not a door’s face is attractive.

Stick to the same color and style of hardware

Hardware selections offer room for creativity and fun. Just like with your windows, hardware can also elevate the look of your doors and comes in many colors and finishes. It’s much easier to swap out hardware than it is if you’ve used the wrong paint color.

Popular Entry And Garage Door Materials

The options might seem overwhelming but don’t sweat it. Our team can help you find the right materials for your doors that reflect your aesthetic. Some common types include:

  •  Aluminum
  •  Fiberglass
  •  Wood
  •  Wood Composite
  •  Steel
  •  Vinyl

We can recommend which of these choices will work well with your windows and siding and stand against the test of time. Whether you have a modern or old-world style, our team is ready to take your home to the next level. We’ll find the best options for your front door and garage door.

Why Matching Garage And Front Doors Are A Good Idea

Why should you match your garage and front doors?

You’ll reflect your home’s style and show your design skills

Matching your garage and entry doors is a fantastic way to show that you care about your home’s exterior. Following a gorgeous exterior color scheme can increase your property’s value and curb appeal. Your garage door and front door allow you to have fun with your personal style.

Your home’s garage and entry door will impress

Guests will arrive at your house and enter through your entry door, so you want to make a good impression on them. You can make your entry area more inviting by including glass-style doors and having an attractive fresh coat of paint. Another example of elevating the space includes adding plants, fun lighting, and stylish hardware.

You’ll Inspire Your Local Community and Rock Your Block

Neighbors may use your house to get ideas for their garage and entry doors, and you might have the best property on the street. Combining smart window styles, decorative elements, and matching front and garage doors can make your property show-stopping and appealing.

Choose From Our Selection Of Top-Quality Garage Doors

Now that you’ve decided to have a matching front and garage door check out our selection of garage doors. We have custom-built options for your home or business with wood, glass, vinyl, and everything in between. If you’re ready for a professional garage door, remodel, we can help!

At R&S Erection of Vallejo, Inc., we proudly offer Vallejo, CA, and the surrounding areas beautiful residential and commercial door selections. We can find you an affordable matching front door and garage door. Call us today at (707) 644-5537 to schedule a consultation.